My Surfing

So did I mention this blog was “a learn as you go” undertaking? If I didn’t, let this be the announcement. This post is a) a feature I’d like to include on a regular basis. b) my lesson in teaching myself how to Link correctly and attractively.

I don’t like the asthetic of this list yet so bear with me as I tweak it here and there. Love this sneak peek into traveling with kids. What a rock on mom yes! I so believe this intellectually and yet between 5 of us we are immersed in stuff. cute! Nails and something to ponder -I will have one of each. Don’t let MY kids see these. Oh the pestering that would ensue.’s get these all over!– Hard to believe. Great idea BBC! -just pretty. See if it inspires you? -yay for Farmer defenders!! whoa! Want more? Here is mandy’s blog -love!! Stickers -whoa. um science fiction? -made me giggle
-love this mix of old and new


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