in pursuit of happiness

First Post. New Blog. Welcome.

This is my virtual living room, or kitchen, since that’s where everyone congregates. I will think of this as my salon too. You know how you learn some great tidbit or you are at appalled at a news flash or your kids are on that last nerve or you’ve just written something you want to share? Yeah. I knew you understood. This is where we can do that.

All kinds of wierd and wonderful stuff rattles through my day. Some is short enough for a FaceBook blurb, but a lot of times it’s not. Sometimes I just need to list the things I’ve done that day so my inner critic can stop nagging me about how I didn’t get ANYTHING done today. I also gave myself the necessity to get words on a “page” at least once a week. Maybe this is A LOT for one inconspicuous blog to accomplish? We’ll see!


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